Premiere Museum Brings Ike and Mamie to Life

One of the premiere museums of its kind is now open. The all-new 25,000 square feet of museum exhibit space at the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum, over a year in the making, has been open in Abilene now for a couple of weeks.

Director Dawn Hammatt tells KSAL News the unique museum is a mix of modern technology and priceless Eisenhower artifacts, encompassing Ike’s entire life. She says Mamie Eisenhower also plays a large role throughout the museum. Two interactive displays help bring Ike and Mamie to life. Becoming Ike and Mamie,” allows visitors to explore Eisenhower’s pre-WWII career assignments. Another interactive helps visitors understand the impacts of the Cold War during the Eisenhower Administration.



Hammatt says newly digitized and never-before-seen footage from the National Archives is part of the new museum. Mini-theaters offer visitors the opportunity to hear Ike’s words firsthand on a variety of events and issues from D-Day to world peace.

Hammatt says that while it took over a year to build, it took much longer to plan. The planning took about five years.



Hammatt says though the museum is open to the public, it is not totally “finished”. It will never be totally “finished”, but rather always evolving.



While it is now open, an official grand opening of the new Eisenhower Museum is planned for later this fall.