Postcard Mailed in 1945 Discovered; Delivered

The United States Postal Service Creed reads “neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”. The McPherson Post office can add the passing of time to that creed.

A World War II era postcard that was sent in the mail over 75 years ago did not make it to its destination back then. But now it will, thanks to the McPherson Post Office.

McPherson Postmaster Lacy Keezer tells KSAL News the postcard, mailed back in 1945, showed up at her post office late last week. She says the simple handwritten postcard had no return address on it, so they don’t know were it originated. They do know, though, it was mailed in 1945.

The person who the postcard was addressed to is no longer alive, having passed away back in 1970. Postal employees did reach out to family members, though, and will get it delivered.

Keezer says she does not know where the postcard has been for the last 77 years.

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Photo is an example of a similar postcard, but not the exact postcard received and then delivered.