Possible Fluoride Town Hall Meeting Pondered

A town hall meeting on fluoride in Salina’s water might be on the horizon.

Members of a group called “Salina Cares” spoke to city commissioners during the public comment period during Monday’s meeting. Group spokesman John Boesen asked commissioners to discuss the topic of fluoride in Salina’s water at a future study session. In lieu of doing that, Mayor Barb Shirley said instead that she would be open to a town hall meeting to discuss the topic.

The other commissioners indicated they would be open to such a session as well. Commissioner Aaron Housholter seemed hesitant though, challenging the group to produce some relevant local statistical information.

“Salina Cares” is working towards ending fluoridation of the City of Salina public water supply. The group believes that fluoride does more harm than good, and wants the city to immediately stop adding fluoride to the water.

In 1956 the public voted against adding fluoride to the Salina water supply. But 12 years later, in 1968, city commissioners made a decision to begin adding fluoride to the water.