Poolside Arrest

A Salina man was taken into custody after violating a protection order and assaulting a woman multiple times.

The Salina Police Captain Paul Forrester told KSAL News:

Officers were sent to the Hillcrest Apartment complex on east Crawford at 5:50 PM on Saturday. The officers were advised there was a white male in brown swimming shorts suspected of domestic violence. When officers arrived to the pool area, an officer immediately identified the man as 40-year old Travis Lawson.

Lawson was arrested and charged with Aggravated Domestic Battery, Damage to Property, Criminal Restraint, Violation of a Protection Order.

According to the reporting party; she received messages from the 35-year old female victim on Facebook asking for assistance to leave while Lawson was away because he had harmed her multiple times.

A witness advised the victim went to her apartment with noticeable injuries to both eyes, redness around her neck and blood coming from her nose.

The victim told officers that when Lawson was arrested on the 6th for domestic violence, he immediately returned back to the apartment. There were multiple physical altercations over the following two days. On the night of the 7th the victim went to the pool with a neighbor. When she returned home, Lawson was very upset she went to the pool and strangled her, punched her in the face multiple times, and at some point broke her cellular phone ($120)

The woman was taken to the Salina Regional Medical Center by a witness where she received treatment.