Police Warn of Telephone Scheme

A Salina man was swindled for over $90,000 after responding to a robo call he thought was from the Internal Revenue Service.

Captain Mike Sweeney tells KSAL News that a man in his 70’s who lives in central Salina was convinced a phone call from a scammer was from the IRS – and he began to respond to a man in Ohio.

The threat of being arrested led him to send a $23,000 check, a box filled with $55,000 in cash and 29 prepaid Visa cards worth $14,500 to a couple of people running the scam.

Police were notified by the victim’s bank on Monday who began working with the man to investigate the fraud.

Captain Sweeney is again urging citizens to be on guard against criminal schemes over the telephone.

Sweeney says the Salina Police Department has taken multiple calls over the past 30-days from people who got a phone call from a scammer – claiming to be from the IRS.

Police say the caller tells the person they are behind on their taxes and threatens to have them arrested if they do not pay.

Sweeney says the best course of action is to simply hang up.