Police Warn of Scams

Captain Mike Sweeney is urging citizens to be on guard against criminal schemes over the telephone. Sweeney says the Salina Police Department has taken over 40 calls in the past three days from people who got a phone call from a scammer – claiming to be from the IRS.

Police say the caller tells the person they are behind on their taxes and threatens to have them arrested if they do not pay.

Sweeney says the best course of action is to simply hang up.

This week a Salina woman in her 40’s also told police how she nearly fell victim to a scam while she was looking for extra work online.The woman was told she would get a decal to display on her car for Amp Energy Drink, in return she would be paid $350 a week for a period of six months. She was told to deposit a check of $990.50 into her account – keep $390 for herself and also defray cost for gas. Then send the rest by money transfer to an east coast address. Sweeney says a Wal-Mart employee urged her not to because it seemed like a scam.


Salina Police Share this advice regarding scam calls:

Have you been contacted under the following circumstances?

  • The person was claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service or police department threatening to arrest you for not paying your taxes. You were instructed to send payment using a pre-paid money card.


  • You were told you have won a prize but would have to send money for taxes or other services via Western Union before the prize could be claimed.


  • If you were contacted about an item you had for sale and the buyer sent you a money order for more than the amount listed. You were instructed to cash the check and send the remaining amount back via Western Union.


  • You were contacted from someone claiming to be from Microsoft and that you have a virus on your computer. You were then offered a service plan to help protect your computer.


  • You were told a relative had been arrested in a foreign country and to send money via Western Union to help him/her get out of jail.


  • You were contacted about becoming a secret shopper or some other job offer that required you to cash money orders and send the money via Western Union or prepaid money card.

These are some of the many tactics used by scammers. Please research the claim or seek advice from credible sources before sending money.

Don’t become a victim

Remember to Always:

Never disclose card numbers to someone you do not know.

Avoid websites or offers requesting payment via a prepaid money card..

Never use a pre-paid card to pay taxes or claim “winnings.”