Police Involved in Weekend Pursuits

Salina Police were involved in a couple of pursuits over the weekend.

According to Police, this past Friday an officer attempted to stop a speeding vehicle with defective lights at 9:06pm. The 1994 blue Honda accord began to speed away. It went in the 400 block of west Lincoln. The driver continued at a high rate of speed before blowing his engine and sputtered to a stop. Police then were able to arrest Zachariah Humphreys, 29,  for alleged reckless driving, lake of proof of insurance and suspended license.

On Saturday there was another chase at 8:23pm. Police pursued a vehicle with defective tail lights. The black four door Honda reached speeds up to 50mph clearing intersections and running stop signs. After turning west on Prescott and then north on 9th street, police decided to terminate the pursuit due to it being dangerous to the surrounding neighborhood. Police later found the car parked at 315 south 9th st with no one in it. They knocked on the residence door but no one answered. At this time Salina police are still investigating.