Police Investigating Road Rage Case

Salina Police are investigating a road rage case in which a car was shoved from behind by a pickup truck, and force out into a busy intersection.

Police Captain Chris Trocheck says that at around 4:50 Wednesday afternoon, 35-year-old Timothy Thornton was driving a 2007 Chevrolet Impala, headed north on 9th Street. He stopped at a red light at the intersection with Schilling Road. He was the first car in the left turn lane, preparing to head west on Schilling.

Thornton told police that the light cycled through several times, without the turn lane getting a green light. He said that each time it would cycle, he could see a driver in a blue Dodge Dakota pickup behind him growing increasingly agitated.

The driver of the pickup truck drove forward, bumped into the back of the Impala, and forced it forward out into the intersection. Once out in the intersection the Impala then turned, and pulled into the Walmart parking lot. The pickup truck drove off.

Trocheck says that there was only minor damage to the back of the car. There were no injuries.

If located, the driver of the truck could face charges that include aggravated battery.