Police Investigate Apartment Arson

Authorities are investigating an incident in which a fire was intentionally set inside a Salina apartment.

According to Police Captain Jim Feldman, at around 9:50Am Monday officers were called to assist the Salina Fire Department at a fire in an apartment in 1800 South Broadway.

Police discovered a 62-year-old woman hiding in her closet after she had claimed that she set her clothes on fire. Her neighbor called for help after trying to reason with the woman after witnessing smoke pouring from her window, only to have the door slammed on him.

Firefighters attempts to remove the woman were unsuccessful as she was uncooperative and became defensive. 

Officers got the woman out, and after being treated for smoke inhalation she was detained for a further mental evaluation.

No charges have been filed, but the case is being investigated by police as a possible case of arson.