Pizza Hut Makes Special Deliveries

As severe weather has continued throughout Central Kansas this week, the Abilene Pizza Hut at 1703 N. Buckeye has made an offer to help those in need. The restaurant is offering free buffets to EMS technicians, firefighters, and other emergency responders.

General Manager Shawna Boller tells KSAL News the idea to help those in need initially came from looking at pictures and posts on Facebook. “I was trying to figure out how we could give back as a community,” she said. “A lot of times when people are displaced and things happen, food is a major concern and that’s what we do. We can provide food and drinks.”

In addition to the invitation to dine in, the restaurant is also keeping busy with orders and deliveries to those working out in areas where homes and buildings were damaged and destroyed. “Between Abilene, Chapman, Enterprise, and Solomon, we have a great, small community system,” Boller adds. “We all help each other when things happen.”

On Thursday morning alone, 30 pizzas were ordered, picked up, and delivered throughout Dickinson County. Boller also planned to make several more pizzas on Friday and drop them off to people continuing to clean up debris in the area.

The invitation for the free buffets was offered through Saturday, but Boller says she’ll extend the offer if needed. “I’m still going to go after that,” Boller said. “As long as they’re out there, we’re here.”

EMS technicians, firefighters, and other emergency responders are asked to call ahead if they plan to dine in at the Abilene Pizza Hut restaurant. If anyone else would like to order pizzas or volunteer to make deliveries to assist those in need, please call (785) 263-7777.