Pink Floyd Tribute Coming to Salina

A tribute to one of the most iconic bands in rock history, and one of its most iconic albums, is coming to Salina.

“Classic Albums Live” will perform Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” on Friday, October 18th.

According to the group, 40 years after its release, “The Wall” has taken on an even deeper meaning. It seems like there are now more walls than bridges But music builds bridges, and “The Wall” is a bridge. It’s a news report and a social media feed. “The Wall” was released in November 1979, and became the number one selling album of the 70s.

Do you remember listening to an entire album? The thrill of dropping the needle on the greatest music ever recorded? Classic Albums Live does.

Classic Albums Live takes the greatest Classic Rock albums and recreates them live on stage – note for note / cut for cut.

To do this the group boasts an exceptional ensemble of performers, all of whom have graced music’s elite stages and collaborated with industry icons both in studio and on stage.

In 2023, the group celebrated its 20th anniversary and has expanded its repertoire to include over 45 different records and delivers more than 200 performances annually across North America. Each show offers two distinct experiences: a faithful rendition of the chosen record in the first half, followed by a dynamic set featuring the artist’s greatest hits.


Classic Albums Live” will perform Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” on Friday, October 18th at the Stiefel Theatre. Tickets go on sale this Friday,