Pills, Pure Fentanyl Seized in Junction City

Police in Junction City seized over 2,300 polls believed to be laced in fentanyl.

According to the Junction City Police Department, in the last two weeks ongoing investigations into fentanyl distribution have led to significant breakthroughs. Officers and Detectives have seized over 2,300 fentanyl-laced pills, known on the street as as “Dirty 30s”. They also seized 3 kilograms of pure fentanyl.

These seizures have removed the equivalent of approximately 1.5 million potential lethal doses of fentanyl from the streets, considering both the pills and the pure fentanyl seized.

Multiple arrests have been made.

The agency reminds everyone about the dangers of synthetic opioids, echoing the message of the DEA’s #OnePillCanKill campaign. This campaign highlights the alarming rise in overdose deaths linked to fentanyl, a substance up to 50 times more potent than heroin. Just a tiny amount can be deadly.

The DEA warns that counterfeit pills, often made to look like prescription medications, are flooding our communities. These pills are easily accessible and pose a significant risk, especially to young people who might be unaware of their lethal potential.

Remember, it’s not just a warning; it’s a reality that has affected many families across the nation. Remember, you should only ever consume medication that you receive from your doctor or pharmacy. Let’s stay informed and vigilant to protect our loved ones from this invisible threat.