PHOTO GALLERY: Townsite Lofts Set To Open

It’s another sign of a re-vitalized and remodeled Salina Downtown. The Townsite Lofts, 10 newly renovated loft apartments located at 131 N. Santa Fe in the Townsite Building, are set to open.

The 10 lofts are located on two upper levels of the multi-story downtown building, 8 on the second floor and 2 on the mezzanine level.

The Townsite Lofts are a project of Salina businessman Brian Richardson. Richardson purchased the building in December. At that time the bottom three levels of the four level facility were vacant. The studios and business offices of the Salina Media Group of radio stations are located on the top floor.

Richardson says that all 10 lofts should be available for occupancy by the end of next week. Four of the lofts are already rented. He is actively seeking tenants for the other 6.

With the radio station, and now two floors of lofts, the remodeled building is nearly complete. Richardson says that along with securing tenants for 6 lofts, he is also seeking retail tenants for the first floor of the building. While he was not ready yet to make an announcement, he indicated that he is close to signing a sandwich / soup deli type business to occupy at least a portion of the space.

The Townsite Building has a long history in Downtown Salina. For decades it housed a multi-story Montgomery Ward department store. When the store moved, the building fell on hard times and was vacant for many years. In the mid 1990s, the Salina Media Group of radio stations moved into the top floor. Since that time there have been multiple businesses on the other levels including an advertising agency, financial advisers, social workers, and the home office of a telephone company.