Pets And Fireworks Don’t Mix

The Fourth of July is a favorite time of year for many people, not so much for pets.

Kansas State University veterinarians recommends owners keep a close eye on their pets because the 4th of July is one the higher times for stressed, and lost dogs. Make sure you have our dog inside and secured during times when fireworks are going off, which for some areas, may only be for a couple of days, others can be four or five. So, make sure they’re adequately secured.

There are steps pet owners can take to ease a dogs stress and anxiety during the 4th of July holiday. You can help them out by maybe keeping them in the basement, drawing the shades so they don’t see the light flashes, running the TV or radio loud so that it dulls the noise that is out there, and giving them a carrier or a safe place to be where they feel a little more confined and comfortable.

Dogs, even ones that are calm around fireworks, should never be outside when you’re igniting fireworks. Nelson says dogs may chase fireworks or retrieve spent firework material which is often dangerously hot to the touch or could possibly explode in their mouth.

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