Petition Against Salina Property Tax Increases Begins

A petition against possible property tax increases by both Saline County and Salina City Commissioners has been started.

During the public forum session of the Salina City Commission meeting on Monday, Steven Howe of Salina told commissioners about the petition, and read it to them.

The petition not only asks both boards of commissioners to not raise the mil levy, but also asks that both move their meeting times to 6:00 p.m. when voting on the final budget for 2014.

The following is the body of the petition from the “taxpayers of Salina and Saline County against property tax increases”:

Purpose: Stop proposed property tax increases by the Salina City Commission or the Saline County Board of Commissioners.
The undersigned taxpaying citizens of Salina and Saline County object to any increase in the property tax mil levy. While both the City and County may cite inflationary pressures as one reason to increase our taxes, we too are under the same inflationary pressures. As taxpaying citizens, we are asking our respective commissioners to:

• reexamine budget proposals for 2014

• look for additional ways to reduce spending

• consider generating additional revenue by liquidating assets or publicly held property

• please move your meeting times to 6:00 p.m. when voting on the final budget for 2014

The Salina City Commission has discussed the possiblilty of a mil levy increase to offset lost state funding, while the Saline County Commission has discussed a mil levy increase to fund the Saline County Health Department.

The petition is available online: