Pedestrian Bridge to be Demolished

The joint City and County Building Authority Board decided not to repair the pedestrian bridge on the north side of the building.  This bridge allowed individuals to walk from the City and County Building’s second floor out onto the Robert Caldwell plaza.  Deteriorating rebar and salt-saturated cement promoted the closing.  As a result, vehicles have not been able to make deliveries to first floor’s north door; this has impacted how inmates are transferred from the jail to court.

The Building Authority Board determined that the area was adequately secured and that the removal of the bridge can proceed using the usual bid process.

County Engineer Neil Cable suggested a series of options of what might be done next.

  • Building another bridge, perhaps with different aesthetics and functions.
  • Constructing a ramp from the first floor up to the plaza.
  • Installing a staircase, though some questioned whether this would comply with Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Board declined these options and will proceed with securing bids to demolish the existing bridge and to create a cantilevered retaining wall.  Granite from the existing bridge will be salvaged.  Gas, electric and irrigation lines may need to be relocated.

Cable said work could begin on this before the next construction season.

Scope of Road and Bridge Shop Repairs Expands

Saline County Commissioners approved $171,000 in change orders that will essentially re-build the wash bay to the Road and Bridge Shop.  The bay will be widened to 28 feet; this will allow more vehicles to use the wash bay.  Masonry walls will replace metal sheeting.

County commissioners also:

  • Proclaimed mid-September to mid-October to be Hispanic Heritage Month.
  • Consented to a plan to create an engineer technician career ladder.
  • Consented to re-organizing the appraiser’s office. After four attempts to fill a deputy appraiser’s position, those administrative responsibilities will be divided among six positions.  The department will now try to hire a commercial field appraiser.
  • Voted to appoint Jeff Adams, Claudette Humphreys and Kevin Ellis to the Community Corrections Advisory Board.
  • Voted to fill a Home Health Coordinator position.
  • Reviewed the Salina Airport Authority’s plan to promote flying out of Salina.

The Board met in executive session three additional times.