Pat’s Chats – Final HS FB Rankings, State Predictions

Since I’m predicting the rest of the postseason, I’m not going to bore you with my thoughts even more.

However, I will say that I went 28-4 in the first rounds for Class 6A and 5A. That hat I used last week might be the sorting hat used at Hogwarts. Did I really just use a Harry Potter reference? Well, such is life, I suppose.

Enjoy the picks below. And, for the last time, I sent my ballot to Tim McGonagle of Kansas Prep Football, ranking high school football teams.

Class 4A-I

Regional winners – Basehor-Linwood, Ottawa, Bishop Miege, Independence, Mulvane, Buhler, Maize South, Andale

Sectional winners – Bashehor-Linwood, Bishop Miege, Buhler, Andale

Sub-State winners – Bishop Miege, Buhler

State champion – Bishop Miege

Quick hits: Andale might have the toughest road to the state championship. McPherson is no pushover in the first round and Maize South for sectional play is extremely tough. Nonetheless, the state championship goes through Bishop Miege.

Class 4A-II

Regional winners – Hayden, Columbus, Holton, Frontenac, Wichita Collegiate, Holcomb, Smoky Valley, Pratt.

Sectional winners – Columbus, Frontenac, Holcomb, Pratt

Sub-State winners – Columbus, Holcomb

State champion – Columbus

Quick hits: The bracket didn’t do any favors for defending champion Holcomb. Scott City has been dreaming of a rematch with the Longhorns and if they get by that, Wichita Collegiate awaits. Still, I feel Holcomb can get to that championship. Columbus lost by one to Frontenac in the regular season, making the sectional showdown a must-watch.

Class 3A

Bi-District winners – Nemaha Central, Silver Lake, Wellsville, Galena, Sabetha, Rossville, Jayhawk-Linn, Caney Valley, Garden Plain, Halstead, Marysville, Hoisington, Chaparral, Hesston, Phillipsburg, Cimarron

Regional winners – Silver Lake, Wellsville, Rossville, Caney Valley, Garden Plain, Hoisington, Hesston, Phillipsburg

Sectional winners – Silver Lake, Rossville, Hoisington, Phillipsburg

Sub-State winners – Silver Lake, Hoisington

State champion – Silver Lake

Quick hits: This class is so loaded. I don’t know what to do. Picking regional winners was extremely difficult. I can see any of the final four teams to win the state championship.

Class 2-1A

Regional winners – Troy, Lyndon, Washington County, St. Mary’s Colgan, Sedgwick, Plainville, Smith Center, Meade

Sectional winners – Troy, Washington County, Plainville, Meade

Sub-State winners – Troy, Meade

State champion – Troy

Quick hits: Troy was extremely close last year, losing by one to Phillipsburg. I think that heartbreak turns to joy for 2016.

Class 8-Man Div. I

Bi-District winners – St. Paul, Burlingame, West Elk, Osborne, Central Plains, Spearville, South Central, St. Francis

Regional winners – Burlingame, Osborne, Spearville, St. Francis

Sub-State winners – Osborne, Spearville

State champion – Spearville

Class 8-Man Div. II

Bi-District winners – Hutchinson Central Christian, Hanover, Hartford, Pike Valley, Wallace County, South Barber, Dighton, Ingalls

Regional winners – Hanover, Pike Valley, South Barber, Dighton

Sub-State winners – Hanover, Dighton

State champion – Hanover

Class 4A-I
1. Bishop Miege (8-1) – 57-19 over Spring Hill
2. Buhler (8-1) – 65-50 over Towanda-Circle
3. Andale (8-1) – 39-18 over El Dorado
4. Basehor-Linwood (9-0) – 27-12 over Tonganoxie
5. Maize South (8-1) – 49-0 over Andover Central

Quick hits: Nothing to see here. Just go up and read the predictions for playoffs.

Class 4A-II
1. Frontenac (9-0) – 48-0 over Baxter Springs
2. Pratt (8-1) – 35-0 over Kingman
3. Holcomb (8-1) – 47-7 over Hugoton
4. Columbus (8-1) – 45-6 over Parsons
5. Scott City (7-2) – 42-0 over Concordia

Quick hits: It’s been fun, Santa Fe Trail. I really wish the new playoff format being tested in 5A and 6A was in place for 4A. That way, the Chargers wouldn’t be checking in equipment with a 7-2 record after facing a loaded district. Props to coach Jim Turner of Scott City. He took over for Glenn O’Neil and he’s done a fine job.

Class 3A
1. Silver Lake (9-0) – 50-0 over Royal Valley
2. Rossville (8-1) – 42-8 over Council Grove
3. Hoisington (9-0) – 62-3 over Lyons
4. Phillipsburg (9-0) – 56-6 over Russell
5. Nemaha Central (9-0) – 54-8 over Hiawatha

Quick hits: The stacked class stays that way. The playoffs are going to be something else.

Class 2-1A
1. Troy (9-0) – 51-6 over Horton
2. Meade (8-1) – 80-7 over Sublette
3. Plainville (8-1) – 46-12 over La Crosse
4. Lyndon (8-1) – 26-20 loss to Olpe
5. Smith Center (7-2) – 39-0 over Ell-Saline

Quick hits: A tiny bit of movement here as Lyndon dropped a close decision to Olpe. Other than that, nothing too exciting.

Class 8-Man D-I
1. Spearville (9-0) – 72-0 over Kinsley
2. St. Francis (8-0) – 54-0 over Wakeeney-Trego
3. Burlingame (9-0) – 46-0 over Herington
4. Central Plains (9-0) – 60-12 over Goessel
5. Osborne (9-0) – 78-16 over Lincoln

Quick hits: I don’t want to chat about the rankings. Instead, let’s point out the 114-68 final between Onaga and Valley Falls. WHAT?! When I saw that score, I clearly thought that basketball started early. My niece goes to Valley Falls and I chatted with her about this yesterday. She simply said, “Uncle Patrick, it was crazy.” Well said (I think?).

Class 8-Man D-II
1. Hanover (8-0) – 63-8 over Axtell
2. Dighton (9-0) – 50-0 over Tribune-Greeley County
3. Pike Valley (8-1) – 48-0 over Linn
4. Hartford (8-1) – 54-8 over Burrton
5. South Barber (8-1) – 48-0 over Bucklin

Quick hits: Nothing new, but do want to assure everyone that my favorite mascot in Kansas is at Bucklin. Don’t hate on the Red Aces!