Pat’s Chats: Dumbest Rules In Sports


No, not because it’s holiday season, but because Major League Baseball just made the best possible decision for its product. The All-Star Game no longer determines home field advantage for the World Series.

That rule has always been the dumbest in my mind. And don’t even try to convince me by saying the players are truly giving their all in the game. The rule penalized the team with the best record in the regular season. Yes, the Chicago Cubs won despite having the home field edge. But, the Cubbies won 103 games before the postseason and they had to be the visitors more times in the World Series. It doesn’t add up.

Now that the rule has been changed because of the new collective bargaining agreement, I have to pick something to hate the most.

Morning show host Rich Alexander says kicking is not needed in football. Sure, teams forced to go for it more often on fourth down and settle for two-point conversions would make things more exciting, but I still see value in special teams.

Y93.7 morning show host Chad Allen thinks that timeouts in late-game situations in the NBA are pointless. Timeouts advance the ball to half-court, rewarding teams free advancement, setting up an easier offensive set. I’m okay with that, simply because it adds to the excitement.

But, nothing comes close to the difference in leagues in MLB. The National League needs to have a designated hitter spot in the lineup. I’m sorry, baseball purists (like Clarke Sanders), but I don’t want to see Corey Kluber of the Indians taking hacks at the plate in the World Series. I understand that it might only be a couple plate appearances in a game, but there’s just no reason for it. Unless it’s Bartolo Colon of the Mets. He’s my spirit animal.

If I had to choose a secondary rule, it has to be the overtime rule in the NFL. First team that scores should win. Touchdown, field goal, safety, two-point pick six by Eric Berry; ANYTHING. And, the NFL would prevent dumb ties.