Parking as a Personality Test

For almost 18 years now I have been parking in the same lot behind the “Beautifully Appointed Townsite Building.” And while many variables define and refine the human personality, I’ve noticed where you park says a lot about who you are. During regular business hours, the lot fills up and most of us will park as close to our destination as possible, that’s understandable. It’s during the early morning hours, when the lot is almost empty, that’s when your true colors show through.

Perimeter Parkers; those people tend to be kind, considerate and the easiest to get along with. They’re generally willing to go the extra mile, as they have chosen to walk through many empty spaces to make sure there’s plenty of room when you arrive. But they also tend to have a bit of a martyr complex, seeing their sacrifice of convenient door side parking will not be acknowledged or appreciated.

Middle Row Parkers; the majority, they understand their extra steps taken will not be appreciated, but have the self-satisfaction of doing “something” sacrificial, albeit piecemeal. They can usually be counted on, but when push comes to shove, self-interest will rule.

Front Row by the Door Parkers; egocentric and uncaring what others think, they’ve got a job to do and would like you to know it. They want others to see they’re on the job and obviously you’re not, and will usually find a way to make sure you know it. They will get much done, but don’t get between them and the door when they’re finished.

Other Lot Parkers; full of secrets and mystery, they would rather not be bothered and don’t care if you know whether they are there or not. Willing to suffer the elements to keep you at arms-length and suspicious of “the man”, they also don’t want to pay the $5 fine for parking there more than 3 hours. They also tend to view their vehicle as transportation, and not an extension of their personality.

So if you’re hiring someone to work at your business, skip the interview and just watch where they park. It can be revealing.