Park Death Was Accidental

Police have determined a woman who was found dead in a Salina park suffered an accidental death.

Police say back on June 1st officers responded to Lakewood Park  for a report of a female lying face down near the south entrance. Upon arrival, officers located a deceased unidentified white female.

The Salina Police Department provided the media with sex, race, height, weight, and clothing description in order to enlist the public’s help in identifying the deceased female. With the aid of media, community members came forward, and the female was identified as Kristie Gonner (AKA: Fisher).

Since the discovery of Ms. Gonner, the Salina Police Department Detective Division has spent an extensive amount of time investigating the timeline, events, and activities of Ms. Gonner, which led up to her unfortunate passing.

Autopsy and toxicology examinations were performed and Ms. Gonner’s death has been deemed accidental, involving the combination of drugs and underlying health conditions.

The autopsy findings and information from the case investigation have been reviewed by the Saline County Attorney, Jeff Ebel, and this case is now closed.