Over 13,000 Vaccinated in Saline County

Saline County has vaccinated more than 13,000 people against COVID-19.

According to the Saline County Health Department, the Saline County Community Health Partners are actively registering and scheduling everyone age 16-years-old and older to be vaccinated. If you or your teen would like to be vaccinated against COVID-19, please register for your appointment today.

Vaccinate Saline County Website

Currently, Moderna is the primary vaccine available in Saline County. There are also seeing limited stocks of the Janssen vaccine. Both of these vaccines are approved only for those who are 18 years old and older.

They hope to receive the Pfizer vaccine, which is approved for 16- and 17-year-olds in the future.

If you receive a vaccine elsewhere, please contact us to have your name removed from the registry. It is preferred for both your first and second vaccines to be from the same organization. However, please contact the local vaccine providers to inquire about available second doses if that is not possible.

A list of all the vaccine providers and what vaccine they offer is available at vaccinefinder.org.