Orman Exploring Independent Governor Campaign

A Kansas City area businessman who challenged Republican Senator Pat Roberts in 2014 is considering a run for governor. Greg Orman, who ran a strong race as an Independent against the incumbent senator Roberts, filed paperwork on Wednesday to create an exploratory committee for a possible 2018 bid for Governor again as an Independent candidate.

Via his webpage, Orman said he is a political Independent for one really simple reason. “I don’t believe the current system is working for the American people or the citizens of Kansas. The two major parties seem to care more about seeing the other party fail than they care about our country succeeding. Kansas faces a crisis of leadership. After seven years of false promises, failed policies, and an unwillingness to embrace the truth, Kansas needs real leadership. An Independent governor is the best option for providing the leadership that we need as a state. As an Independent governor, I’ll put Kansans first. I won’t be obligated to party bosses or special interests. Every morning when I wake up, my first thought will be, ‘how do I serve the people of Kansas best today?’ I won’t be worried about a political party or how my service to Kansans affects either party.”

Orman would be the third Independent candidate in the race, joining Topeka pastor Rick Kloos and Johnson County Community college student Aaron Coleman. There are also eleven Republicans and six Democrats in the race.

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