OPNION: You Can Still Support Life

A week ago a constitutional proposition known as Value Them Both failed to gain the necessary support from Kansas voters in the primary election.  Like many supporters of the amendment, I was surprised and disappointed with the results of this endeavor.

While it is tempting to speculate on the reasons this proposition failed or spend time pointing fingers, I would rather leave that to the political scientists who do that for a living.

Moving forward as a YES voter, I realized that my focus needs to be on what I can do in my own community to support pregnant women, especially those in crisis. Each of us can seek out ways to value life.

Consider learning about organizations in your community that minister to pregnant women who need help and support.

One organization in my hometown of Salina that specializes in this area is the Pregnancy Service Center. After a quick call to their office, I learned they are currently in need of tangible things like diapers (sizes 5 and 6), wipes, and new or slightly used clothing for toddler boys (24 months to 2T).  As a father of five children, two of whom are still in diapers, I understand full-well how essential and expensive these items can be.  My wife and I picked up some extra diapers and wipes at the store recently, and we will be taking them to the Pregnancy Service Center later today.

Last Tuesday is not the end of the story. There are many ways you can choose to support life.  It does not have to be written on a ballot. It only has to be written on your heart.

_ _ _

Representative Steven Howe is completing his first term in office where he serves on three committees including Federal and State Affairs, Transportation, and Insurance and Pensions.  Representative Howe is up for reelection and will be on the general election ballot this November.