Online Connection Gone Wrong, German Man Arrested

A man who traveled halfway across the world to find a Saline County woman has been taken into custody for alleged threats.

Falk Meier-Berndt, a 22-year-old man from Hanover, Germany, was arrested Wednesday night on requested charges of criminal threat, stalking and harassment by telecommunications devices. Saline County Sheriff Roger Soldan said that Meier-Berndt had come to the area in the past week in search of a woman from the area whom he had met online.

The woman already had a boyfriend, however, despite Meier-Berndt wanting to be more than friends. The woman had communicated to Meier-Berndt that she wanted nothing to do with him.

Meier-Berndt did not know where the woman lived, but he did know where she worked. He found her at her workplace earlier in the week, and he was rejected. Meier-Berdnt also tried to find the woman at her church to no avail.

He allegedly threatened to kill the woman’s boyfriend, so that the two could “get married and have kids.”

Soldan said the woman had filed a PFA (protection from abuse) order. When deputies went to serve the order to Meier-Berndt, though, they realized the woman’s address was on the order. In the interest of the woman’s safety, deputies tracked Meier-Berndt down at the motel he was staying at and arrested him for the aforementioned charges.