On The Hunt

The hunt continues for the River Festival medallion.

Salinans flocked to the Schilling St. dike this afternoon, combing through the grass and brush. The search has brought hunters together for a common purpose.

“Looking for the medallion has created it’s own little subculture of people that all kind of know each other now because of it,” Luke, a Salina man said.

The hunt for the medallion has gotten the people of Salina interested in the history of their city and has helped foster new relationships.

“I didn’t know Rebecca until I met her while searching for the medallion, now I call her everyday,” Denise Tarver said with a smile. “Now she’s above my mom on my phones most frequently called list.”

Eight clues have been released to the public as of today with the medallion yet to have been found, leaving the $4,000 in cash and prizes, River Festival buttons and memorabilia unclaimed.