Old Mill Takes Visitors Back in Time

Millers will operate a time machine made of wood, metal and leather this weekend in Lindsborg.

The Old Mill Museum is once again hosting Millfest on Saturday, May 7th and Sunday, May 8th with tours beginning at 9am Saturday.

“You go though with a group of about eight people and the tours are continuous through the day,” said Lorna Nelson Director of the Old Mill Museum.

“People are just fascinated not only with the process but just how beautiful everything is.”

The Smoky Valley Roller Mills began milling flour in 1898 using the river for power to run the operation and then switched to electricity by the 1940’s before closing it’s doors in the 1950’s.

Now the restored mill is a time piece for students and history buffs to enjoy and learn from.

Visitors will have a chance to see and hear the past, watching the crew mill flour inside the historic 3-story building across the street from the Lindsborg pool. The two day event features regional musicians and craft demonstrations along with a food vendor selling BBQ and ice cream.

Adults are $2, Ages 6-12 $1 and Under 6 get in Free.

Visitors must be 13-years old to tour the mill while it is operating.