Officials At Kansas Agency Step Down After Leadership Change

Two of the Kansas Department of Revenue’s top officials have stepped down shortly after Gov. Sam Brownback appointed a new revenue secretary, who is expected to make changes to the department.

The Wichita Eagle reports Brownback announced in the first week of December that former lawmaker Nick Jordan would step down as revenue secretary and Wichita businessman Sam Williams would replace him.

Jim Conant, the agency’s director of resource management, left Dec. 9. Steve Stotts, the state’s director of taxation, retired last week.

Williams says Conant left before Williams became secretary, and that Stotts’ departure was not Williams’ decision.

Stotts couldn’t be reached for comment. Conant declined comment.

Agency spokeswoman Jeannine Koranda says both positions are vital and the agency will work to replace them with the best possible candidates.