Off Duty Officers, Soldiers Help at Crash

Off duty officers from the Riley County Police Department and Fort Riley soldiers sprung into action when they came upon a crash on Interstate 70 near Salina late last week.

According to the Riley County Police Department, on Thursday, Sgt. London and Officer Pfrang were traveling back to Manhattan with two other civilian employees after visiting another agency. They came across an overturned semi on I-70 in Saline County and immediately stopped as there were no first responders on scene yet.

They found the driver was stuck in his seatbelt and with the help of Fort Riley soldiers who also had stopped, Sgt. London was lifted on top and able to open the door and cut the driver out of his seatbelt. The windshield was then smashed in with a sledgehammer so he could exit the cab.

At this time, Kansas Highway Patrol and local first responders had arrived on scene and took over.

The driver was taken to the hospital in Salina for treatment of his injuries but was able to walk away.

The agency says while not in uniform and on-duty in their normal capacities, these two saw a need to help and responded without hesitation.

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Photos via Riley County Police Department