Oak Hill Woman Wins “Santa’s Sta$h”

A woman from Oak Hill braved the cold and ice Saturday to make a trip to Salina. She returned home with “Santa’s Sta$h”, totaling over $2,900.

Rose Scott was among 18 finalists who gathered at the Salina Central Mall Saturday for the grand finale of Alpha Media Salina’s “Santa’s Sta$h” event.

“Santa’s Sta$h” was a locked box full of cash. The box was on display at various locations around Salina. At each location, guesses of how much money in the box were taken. The closest guess at each location became a finalist.

Scott told KSAL News that she became a finalist after placing a guess while “Santa’s Sta$h” was at First National Bank of Hope’s Miltonvale location. It was the only time she entered a guess in the contest.

At the event Saturday, each finalist had the opportunity to change their guess. Scott’s initial guess which made her a finalist was $2,421.78. Fortunately for her, she changed it. Her new guess of $2,912.03 ended up being the winner.

The box of “Santa’s Sta$h” contained exactly $2,915.53.

Scott said she planned to do a little shopping at the mall before heading back home.

Major sponsors of “Santa’s Sta$h” included the Salina Central Mall, First Bank Kansas, and the Alpha Media Salina radio stations.

(from left) Alpha Media’s Clarke Sanders, winner Rose Scott, and Carolyn Robinson and Shelby Kelley from First Bank Kansas.


Clarke Sanders prepares to take the money out of the box for Carolyn Robinson and Shelby Kelley to count.