Numerous Bomb Threats in Central Kansas

Dozens of bomb threats were being reported at schools, news outlets, government buildings, banks, libraries and other businesses across the U.S. Thursday afternoon.

Police say they have responded to threats from New York to Colorado. The NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau tweeted they are “currently monitoring multiple bomb threats that have been sent electronically to locations throughout the city. These threats are also being reported to other locations nationwide and are not considered credible at this time.”

Central Kansas law enforcement responded to multiple bomb threats Thursday afternoon as well.

According to the Barton County Sheriff’s Office, their agency as well as the Great Bend Police Department responded to numerous bomb threats Thursday afternoon. As of 3 PM 13 bomb threats have been received in Barton County.

They also believe several bomb threats have been received in Reno County.

No suspicious devices have been found.

It is believed the threats have been emailed from Russia.

Authorities do not believe there is reason for alarm, but they do ask citizens be aware of their surroundings and alert for any suspicious packages.