Now we’ll see

Donald Trump is the President-elect.


So, now what?  Trump certainly didn’t lack making huge promises.  Will he build a wall along our southern border?  We’ll see.  Will he bring factories (read “good paying jobs”) back to America?  We’ll see.  Will he make life in our inner cities better?  We’ll see.


The thing about all of those promises is that these are big goals and to accomplish any of this, let alone all of it, it is going to take time.  I’m talking years, not months.


However, there is one thing that should give us a pretty good indication about how serious he is about keeping his promises.  Donald Trump has promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) on Day One.  Of course, he can’t do that.  What he can do is encourage Congress to send him a bill to do that.  Given that not a single Republican voted for this disaster in the first place and that many Republicans in Congress have promised in their own races to repeal it and the Republicans still control both the House and the Senate, it SHOULD be a fairly simple matter to get this done.


We’ll see.