Now That’s Just Creepy

Even before you know the whole story, the picture seemed kind of weird.

It is a middle age man with his arm around a young woman, leaning in to get a kiss.  Both are fully dressed.  In the hand that is not connected to the arm that is around the lady is a cell phone and he appears to be taking a selfie still or video.  So, he’s on the make and he has the need to record the moment for…for…who knows for what reason.

Strange, right?  But then you learn the “woman” isn’t a woman at all.  Don’t get ahead of me.  “She” is a robot.  As my daughter might say:  “YUCK!!!”

In the article that accompanies the picture, the guy says he just wants something “uncomplicated”.  Well, I’m sorry, but I think we’re way past uncomplicated.

So, is this where we’re headed?  Sex robots that will provide any kind of pleasure imaginable, anywhere, anytime, no judgements and no questions asked.

Is this progress?  Is this a good thing?  Is this one of those to each his own deals?

While I would never be in favor of making laws against these kinds of devices, I have to tell you I find this whole concept unhealthy, wrong and just plain creepy.