Not So Warm Welcome Leads To Warrant Request

A woman comes home from work to find her ex-boyfriend inside her home. He is now facing potential charges for kidnapping, domestic battery and more

Police Sergeant Kyle Tonniges tells KSAL news that officers were dispatched to the 200 block of S 4th st. Tuesday around 3:21 AM officers found the 34-year-old woman covered in lacerations and bleeding from her elbow and leg. Her former boyfriend, a 34-year-old male from Salina,  allegedly came over sometime while she was at work and waited for her to come home.

She tells police he physically took her phone away and started going through it, accusing her of cheating. He allegedly became physical with her and she attempted to leave. The woman said he placed a chair in front of the door and sat in it to stop her from leaving. At some point he stepped away long enough for her to escape and she went running into the street. The woman alleges that he was able to catch up with her and started pulling and dragging her back to the home.

She was able to escape a second time and he left the scene.

A warrant for his arrest has been requested and the potential charges include kidnapping, domestic battery, criminal damage to property, criminal deprivation of property.

An estimated $108 dollars of personal property was damaged.