New Year Health Care Savings

On January 1, millions of seniors will save big on their health care costs thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act. Much of the coverage has been focused on reducing premium costs and empowering Medicare to negotiate drug prices, but two other key measures were also passed:
  • The shingles vaccine will be free for seniors
  • Medicare recipients will pay no more than $35 on insulin per month

These changes will be life-changing for many, particularly seniors, people of color, rural Americans, and people with disabilities.


Beginning in 2023, two key measures included in the Inflation Reduction Act will take effect, which means Americans will see lower costs for better health care. Starting January 1, seniors can get vaccinated for shingles for free, and millions on Medicare will pay no more than $35 per month on insulin.

  • 27,630 Kansas insulin users will directly benefit from the insulin cap.
  • 415,691 of Kansas seniors will be able to get their shingles vaccine free of cost.

With these new provisions, millions of Americans on fixed incomes will no longer have to choose between life-saving medical care and paying for essentials like food and housing. Learn more at

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Photo by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography on Unsplash