New Trash Effort Has Smooth Start

The City of Salina began enforcing full implementation of the new trash cart setout guidelines this week, no longer  collecting from carts not in compliance. According to the City, things went smoothly on the first day with 96.2 percent of customers in compliance.

With the intention of smoothing the transition by helping customers learn and adapt to the new guidelines, a “soft rollout” began July 19th. Since then, customers’ waste has been collected regardless of guideline compliance; however, when out of compliance, customers have been left an education flyer with a checked box noting which guideline was not met.

The soft rollout was extended to October 18th to allow time for the City’s additional cart order to arrive after manufacturing delays postponed delivery nearly seven weeks. Since, during that time, the City was unable to provide customers with their requested number of carts to effectively follow the new guidelines, the sanitation work group did not fully implement them.

With customers having now received their additional waste carts, the City will begin full guideline implementation.

For example, items left outside the waste cart(s) will not be collected. Only refuse within fully-closed waste carts will be collected. On collection day the new carts should be placed within three feet from the edge of the curb, with three feet of clearance around the cart (s)on all sides from obstructions, such as a parked vehicle, mailbox, utility pole, fence,other carts or low hanging limbs or cables.

Additional waste carts are available for a $2.00 monthly fee each. To request yours, please call (785) 833-8198 or (785) 309-5750, or email [email protected].