New Scam Surfacing

The Salina Police Department is warning the public of a new type of scam that has popped up.

Capt. Paul Forrester tells KSAL News that a 26-year-old Salina woman recently reported the scam. She said she was contacted by text message saying her Amazon account had been hacked.

The victim then reached out to the phone number listed, and the person on the other end told her that they were working with law enforcement in Texas, and the victim was wanted for identity theft.

To avoid arrest, the scammer told the victim to take $10,000 out of her bank account and put it into a cryptocurrency machine located at Central Mall.

The victim was in the process of transferring the money when her father stopped her. She was able to cancel the transaction before losing any money.

Forrester said police want the public to be aware of these scams and to report any suspicious activity involving requests for money over the phone.