New Saline County Livestock & Expo Center Director

The Saline County Livestock & Expo Center has a new person in charge.  Saline County Commissioners appointed David Flaherty II to the position Tuesday.

According to the county, Flaherty has 14 years of experience working at the facility and most recently as the Noxious Weed Supervisor.

Flaherty will be responsible for the Livestock & Expo Center grounds and buildings, coordinating the scheduling of events, management of leased County farm ground, and other administrative tasks to ensure the successful operation of the facility.  David will be working alongside the current Director, Rick Lamer, to ensure continuity before Mr. Lamer retires in March.

“I’m happy to accept the position.  I know I have some big shoes to fill, but I’m excited to accept the challenge.  We have a great staff at the Expo Center and I’m proud to continue to work with them,” said Mr. Flaherty II.  County Commission Chairman, Rodger Sparks was quoted, “Mr. Flaherty will do a fine job and we are happy that we had an internal candidate to promote to this position.”