New Online Portal Provides Property Values

The Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR) has launched a new application which will allow the agency’s property valuation division to access statewide property appraisal data and provide improved analytical tools for county appraisers. In addition, the project will feature the Kansas Property Valuation Division Data Portal, an open data, public facing website with up-to-date and easily accessible property value information.

The launch of Assessment Connect is part of the KDOR’s ongoing efforts to streamline the property appraisal process and increase transparency and accountability. By making this data available to the public, KDOR hopes to empower citizens to make informed decisions about their property and their community.

The open data portal of the Assessment Connect app will feature appraised value data on all property types from every county in Kansas. Kansans will be able to view the most up-to-date data in easily readable charts and graphs.

The site is available to the public free of charge and can be viewed at