New Engineering Dual Degree Program At KWU

Kansas Wesleyan University has been approved by Washington University in St. Louis, MO, to offer the 3 + 2 Engineering Dual Degree. Students accepted into this program will pursue a liberal arts and sciences degree and take pre-engineering courses at Kansas Wesleyan. After three years, they transfer to Washington University in St. Louis for two years of extensive engineering studies. The Dual Degree Program is an attractive alternative to traditional engineering curricula, offering students the opportunity to earn a liberal arts degree from Kansas Wesleyan University and an engineering degree from Washington University in St. Louis.

Program graduates are “liberally educated engineers,” with strong oral and written communication skills, problem-solving skills and teamwork skills. This broad background in the humanities and social sciences, and a high-quality technical education, prepares students for career opportunities which require multidisciplinary teams to address the challenges they face in their field. Other advantages include:
• opportunity to complete degrees in two diverse areas
• extra time to pursue other academic, athletic, or extracurricular interests
• supportive, personalized learning environment of a small liberal arts institution to build skills and confidence needed for success in an engineering program and career
• environment for acquiring scientific problem-solving skills needed to be effective in today’s technologically-oriented society

Washington University’s 3+2 Engineering Dual Degree programs of study lead to the same degrees offered to the other students in its School of Engineering & Applied Science. These include Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Systems Science & Engineering.

Dr. Kristin L. Kraemer, assistant professor of Physics, Kansas Wesleyan’s liaison with Washington University for this program, explained, “Our students will study at Kansas Wesleyan for three or four years, and they may major in physics or any of the sciences, computer science, or even English or history. Washington University really wants liberal arts-trained students who will also take the foundational pre-engineering prerequisite courses here at Kansas Wesleyan to prepare them for success during their engineering studies in St. Louis.”

Story by: John Elmore / Kansas Wesleyan University