New Displays Open at Art Center

An opening reception this week unveiled a new display at the Salina Art Center.

According to the organization, the Map vs. The Walk by Karen Reimer and Patching Voyages by Sanford Biggers are now open at Salina Art Center. The exhibitions are featured until April 24th. Gallery hours are Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday from 11am-5pm, Friday from 11am-7pm, and Sunday from 11am-3pm. Admission is free.

The Map vs. The Walk welcomes the viewer through a large fabric ceiling installation, this site-specific work is meant to evoke the vastness and grandeur of the Kansas sky and makes references to water and stained glass. The exhibition will also feature other series from the artist’s thirty-year career, including Climate Data, Sea Change, Geometry in Outer Space or Heaven, Newspapers, Boundary Troubles, and Copies.

In Patching Voyages, artist Sanford Biggers uses Civil War era quilts as hosts to reexamine the histories that exist around them. The artist then stitches, paints, and layers new visual narratives onto these archived materials. Through this act of appropriation, the resultant artworks are now excised out of their previous functionality, allowing them to serve, presently, as spaces for reflection.

The Map vs. The Walk is funded by Salina Art Center members and Giving Tuesday donors including the Orbit Fund, Karen Black, Sydney & Morrie Soderberg, Bill & Kathleen Pierson, Mike Soetaert & Melanie Terrill, John & Debbie Divine, William Counter & Lee Romaniszyn, and Fred & Sue Guzek.

Patching Voyages is funded by the Salina Art Center Annual Gala and the Greater Salina Community Foundation, Dane Hansen fund.

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Photo of The Big Blue Sky by Karen Reimer courtesy Salina Art Center