New Curbside Recycling Service Available

A new curbside recycling program is now available in Salina.

According to the City, Recyclops partners with the City of Salina and J & N Recycling to expand curbside subscription recycling in Salina. The tech-driven recycling service began operating June 1st.

“We’ve been talking with the Recyclops Management team for the past several months and look forward to Recyclops helping us further reduce waste that would have otherwise ended up in our landfill,” said Jim Teutsch, Director of Public Works.

All materials will be delivered to the Salina Drive-thru Recycling Center (SDRC).

Recyclops, a gig economy service for recyclable materials, launched operations and a new customer sign-up campaign in Salina with the goal of bringing curbside recycling to more local-area residents. Now, through Recyclops’ unique model that uses a tech-driven, smart-routing app and local drivers, residents will be able to subscribe for recycling services to have recyclable materials picked up from their homes every other week for $10 per month.

“J & N Recycling has done a wonderful job maintaining curbside recycling collection service in Salina. Now through our partnership, Recyclops wants to make the service available to many more Salina area residents. People that don’t have the time to deliver their recyclables to a drop off center, people that are not able to drive to a drop off center due to medical or other conditions, and others that don’t wish to deal with getting their vehicle messy are just some of the folks that choose our services around the country. Recyclops exists to make recycling as accessible, convenient, affordable and easy to all,” said Ryan Smith, founder and CEO of Recyclops.

Recyclops will also create jobs for local-area contractors through its sharing-economy business model. For every 100 households who utilize the service, one job will be created.

To sign up, please visit For more information about the SDRC please visit  or with further questions, contact the City of Salina General Services office at (785) 309-5750.