New Community Mural at KSU Salina

The Kansas State University campus in Salina has been selected as the new home of a mural that the entire community can enjoy.

According to the school, Salina Arts & Humanities loans out city-owned art to spaces where the community can enjoy them and K-State Salina has been selected to be the new home of the “Birds of a Feather” mural. It depicts a joyful hummingbird drinking nectar from a flower with vibrant colors accompanying the image to illustrate the beauty of nature.

“We are honored and delighted to be picked as the home of this beautiful mural,” said K-State CEO and Dean Alysia Starkey. “With how impactful the arts are in Salina, it is important that our campus showcases itself as a valued community partner. Salina is our home and we deeply appreciate the connection between our campus and this community for generations to come.”

Artist Scribe made “Birds of a Feather” in 2021. The 12-foot-by-8-foot mural is composed of three framed plywood sheets. It was a part of the 2021 Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina, where artists from around the country showcase their artwork to festival attendees. The piece was then acquired through the city of Salina Public Art Collection, with K-State Salina ultimately selected as its permanent home.

The purpose of the program is so Salina Arts & Humanities can create partnerships with entities around the Salina area and loan out art to spaces where the community can enjoy them.

“This community mural is a perfect fit for the K-State Salina campus,” said Salina Arts & Humanities Executive Director Brad Anderson. “The Aerospace and Technology Campus is creatively engaged with the community, which is reflected in the theme of the public mural on their walls.”

“Birds of a Feather” can be seen on campus at the K-State Salina Student Life Center. This artwork joins the distinctive “Purple K” sculpture that is between the College Center and Schilling Residence Hall.

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KSU Salina photo