New Club at Bethany College

A new club at Bethany college is reaching out to to the school’s Hispanic family.

The Bethany College Office of Student Affairs welcomes the Latin club Unidos, meaning united, to campus. President of Unidos, Angelica Carrillo Hernandez, says, “I wanted to create a safe space and a family for all of us where we could support each other. I share the experience of coming to a new country and struggling with the language barriers.”

According to the school, After attending a meeting with Jeanne Lucas, Vice President of Human Capital Management, Angelica decided to create Unidos.

The mission of the Unidos Student Association is to ensure the expression and development of the Latino and the Hispanic community at Bethany College. Emerging from the desire to increase cooperation and communication among the Hispanic/Latino community, the purpose is to unite and strengthen the populace on campus while fostering a bond between students, faculty, and the community we will one day serve. In addition, our mission is to create an environment where all demographics are welcome to express themselves socially, athletically, academically, and in all aspects of life – both collegiate and professional. We will strive to create a home away from home, a real support system for our members and the Bethany community.

The Executive Board Members are; Angelica Carrillo Hernandez, President, Myranda Jimenez, Vice-President, Sasha Martello, Treasurer, Christopher Javier, Secretary, Jeanne A. Lucas, Advisor, Amaris Guerra, Chair of Events, Danielle Woolsey, Chair of Events.

Unidos meets every Thursday at 9:30 pm in the Swede Spot.

“I look forward to creating a safe environment for all students and celebrating our diversity with different types of activities and events.” – Angelica Carrillo-Hernandez