New Brand, Logo, Location

A Salina market that specializes in natural foods is rebranding itself prior to moving to a new location.

According to the Prairieland Market organization, a new brand and logo is launching in preparation for the new store to open in late spring.

“Plans are moving forward – quickly – for the new store and in anticipation of the new ways we will be able to serve the community with greater access to local, healthy foods, we have developed a new brand that better signifies what we are in the community”, said Executive Director Vickee Spicer.

This new brand incorporates an earthy sage green and beet red that give it energy and life. The beetroot shape doubles as a heart, relating to heart-healthy food and our love for the community that is deeply-rooted.

“We also thought it was important to remind the community that, although we have only been a 501c3 organization for two years, we have been here for 45 years”, added Spicer. The new brand will begin being incorporated into printed materials, website, digital and social media, and on the new store, to be located at 118 S. Santa Fe.

Demolition in the new space has been completed, taking three former storefronts and opening them up into one 4,200-square-foot space. The new space will nearly quadruple the size of the current space located at 305 E Walnut, just a few blocks away. The new store will also have a complete commercial kitchen to enable fresh prepared foods every day, a sitting area for those who want to eat from the daily choices in the kitchen, a water dispensing system with Reverse Osmosis (RO), Deionized (DI), and High pH Alkaline water, and a “Window” for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share customers to pick up their weekly/bi-weekly produce subscriptions. The kitchen will also serve as a demo kitchen for regular classes on cooking, baking, and preserving local food. A timeline and schedule for completion of the new store will be shared on the website. The completion of the new store will further enable Prairieland Market to pursue its mission:

  • Encourage healthy food choices
  • Provide nutritional food education and access to local, organic, and craft foods
  • To promote enhanced well-being for the community

Originally founded as Prairieland Food Coop in 1978, Prairieland Market became a 501c3 in February 2022, with a new board formed in 2020 that has a vision to provide access to local, organic, and craft foods as part of the Redevelopment of Salina downtown. Prairieland Market currently provides, locally grown produce, meat, cheese, eggs, prepared foods, organic bulk goods, and Kansas-made food, non-food local items, and handcrafted gifts.