Neighbor’s Noise Drives Man to Confront Woman with Pipe

A Salina man was taken to jail after allegedly swinging a pipe at his neighbor.

Police Captain Jim Feldman tells KSAL News that 54-year-old Edward Toothman was arrested on Tuesday morning after a disturbance in an apartment complex at 2140 E. Crawford.

Police say the incident began when a woman in a nearby apartment was having a mental health episode and was raising her voice. The noise upset Toothman – who grabbed a 2-foot pipe and knocked on her door.

The victim answered and Toothman reportedly forced his way inside and began swinging the pipe at her. The woman was able to force him out and shut the door.

Around 11am, officers located Toothman at his apartment and took him into custody without incident. The weapon was recovered.

He’s now facing charges that could include aggravated assault and aggravated burglary.