NCKL Spring Weekly Recap

2023 NCKL Softball Standings

NCKL                                     Overall

Team                     W           L                              W           L

Wamego              8              0              1.000     15           1              .938

Clay Center         6              2              .750        11           5              .688

Chapman             4              4              .500        9              9              .500

Abilene                5              5              .500        10           10           .500

Concordia            2              6              .250        11           7              .611

Marysville           1              9              .100        4              14           .222

2023 NCKL Baseball Standings

NCKL                                     Overall

Team                     W           L                              W           L

Clay Center         8              0              1.000     17           1              .944

Concordia            5              3              .625        12           6              .667

Abilene                6              4              .600        13           7              .650

Wamego              4              4              .500        10           7              .588

Chapman             2              6              .250        10           8              .556

Marysville           1              9              .100        7              11           .389


Kansas Preps Weekly

The 2023 North Central Kansas League baseball and softball seasons enter the final week of the regular season with the 2023 NCKL champions in each sport already determined.

Clay Center, which will close its 2023 NCKL season Tuesday when the Tigers play host to Concordia. The Tigers, however, have already sewn up the 2023 NCKL championship as they enter the doubleheader with an undefeated 8-0 NCKL record and are 17-1 overall. Concordia sits in 2nd place in the NCKL standings with a 5-3 NCKL record and is 12-6 overall.

Wamego will play at Chapman Tuesday in the other NCKL doubleheader. Wamego can still make its way up to tie Abilene for 3rd place. Abilene has completed its NCKL season with a 6-4 record. Wamego goes into the Chapman doubleheader with a 4-4 NCKL record.

Chapman enters the Wamego doubleheader with a 2-6 NCKL record. Marysville has finished its NCKL season with a 1-9 NCKL record.

The Wamego Lady Raiders have the 2023 softball title wrapped up going into the final week. The Lady Raiders, who are 8-0 in the NCKL, still have a doubleheader at Chapman on Tuesday.

The Clay Center Lady Tigers, who will have a doubleheader against Concordia on Monday, could still tie for the NCKL title as they go into the final week just 1 game behind the Lady Raiders at 6-2 in the NCKL, but Wamego would win the tie breaker thanks to Wamego sweeping Clay Center in the regular season on Tuesday, April 4.

Chapman goes into the Wamego softball doubleheader Tuesday with a 4-4 NCKL record while Concordia will take a 2-6 NCKL record into its doubleheader Monday against Clay Center. Abilene has finished its NCKL season with a 5-5 record while Marysville finished its NCKL season with a 1-9 record.

Here is a look at what each NCKL school did in their respective teams during this past week :


The Abilene track teams competed at Minneapolis Tuesday where the Cowboys finished in 6th place with 106 points and the Cowgirls finished in 5th place with 95 points. The Cowboy baseball team split its Dickinson County showdown with Chapman on Tuesday, losing the opener 15-9, but winning the nightcap 10-4. The Cowgirl softball team swept Chapman Tuesday, winning 3-2 and 3-1. The Abilene track teams competed at Southeast of Saline Friday where both boys and girls teams finished in 2nd place. The Cowboys finished 2nd with 121 points while the Cowgirls were 2nd with 81.5 points. The Cowboys baseball team swept Wamego Friday, winning 4-2 and 11-0 while the Cowgirls got swept by Wamego, falling 7-0 and 14-4.


The Chapman track teams competed at Minneapolis Tuesday where the Irish boys won the team title with 213 points while the girls also won the team title with 250 points. The Chapman baseball team split its Dickinson County showdown with Abilene Tuesday, winning the opener 15-5 but losing the nightcap 10-4. The Lady Irish softball team got swept by Abilene, falling 3-2 and 3-1. The Chapman baseball team swept St. Mary’s Friday, winning 16-6 and 13-3, the Lady Irish softball team got swept by St. Mary’s, falling 10-4 and 6-2.


The Clay Center track teams competed at Minneapolis Tuesday where the Tiger boys finished in 5th place with 112 points while the Lady Tigers finished in 2nd place with 127 points.


The Concordia track teams competed at Minneapolis Tuesday where the Panther boys finished in 7th place with 72 points while the Lady Panthers finished 5th with 95 points. The Panther baseball team swept Marysville Tuesday, winning 14-3 and 18-11 while the Lady Panther softball team also swept Marysville Tuesday, winning 11-2 and 6-4.


The Bulldog baseball team got swept by Concordia 14-3 and 18-11 Tuesday while the Lady Bulldog softball team also got swept by Concordia Tuesday, falling 11-2 and 6-4. The Lady Bulldog softball team swept Riley County Friday, winning 2-0 and 7-3 while the Bulldog baseball team also swept Riley County Friday, winning 26-1 and 11-1.


The Red Riader baseball team swept Rossville Monday, winning 14-4 and 9-6 while the Lady Raider softball team split its doubleheader with Rossville, winning the opener 3-2 but dropping the nightcap 16-4. The Red Raider baseball team got swept by Abilene Friday, falling 4-2 and 11-0 while the Lady Raider softball team swept Abilene 7-0 and 14-4.