NCAA League Weekly Winter Recap

2022-2023 NCAA Girls Basketball Standings

Overall                                 NCAA

Team                     W           L                              W           L

SE of Saline         19           4              0.826     8              2              0.800

Ellsworth             12           9              0.571     7              3              0.700

Minneapolis       14           7              0.667     7              3              0.700

Sacred Heart      12           10           0.545     6              4              0.600

Beloit                    4              17           0.190     2              8              0.200

Republic Cty       0              21           0.000     0              10           0.000

Monday, February 27, 2023                                                                                                        

Hiawatha 45, Minneapolis 35 (Marysville)

Norton 47, Ellsworth 36 (Russell)

SE of Saline 52, Beloit 41 (Russell)

Tuesday, February 28, 2023                                                                                                        

Riverside 61, Republic County 38 (Horton)

Sacred Heart 51, Ell-Saline 38 (Hillsboro)

Thursday, March 2, 2023                                                                                                              

SE of Saline 48, Hoisington 34 (Russell)

Friday, March 3, 2023                                                                                                    

Hillsboro 38, Sacred Heart 25 (Hillsboro)

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Phillipsburg 51, SE of Saline 33

2022-2023 NCAA Boys Basketball Standings

Overall                                 NCAA

Team                     W           L                              W           L

Team                     W            L              Pct.        W            L              Pct.

SE of Saline         22           1              0.957     10           0              1.000

Beloit                    17           6              0.739     8              2              0.800

Ellsworth             12           9              0.571     6              4              0.600

Sacred Heart      13           10           0.565     4              6              0.400

Republic Cty       3              18           0.143     1              9              0.100

Minneapolis       2              18           0.100     1              9              0.100

Monday, February 27, 2023                                                                                                        

Jeff County North 41, Republic County 22 (Horton)

Sacred Heart 54, Hillsboro 31 (Hillsboro)

Tuesday, February 28, 2023                                                                                                        

Sabetha 65, Minneapolis 35 (Marysville)

SE of Saline 77, Phillipsburg 48 (Russell)

Russell 42, Ellsworth 36 (Russell)

Beloit 74, Hoisington 40 (Russell)

Thursday, March 2                                                                                                         

Sacred Heart 58, Chase County 45 (Hillsboro)

Friday, March 3                                                                                                

SE of Saline 65, Russell 38 (Russell)

Beloit 50, Norton 33 (Russell)

Saturday, March 4                                                                                                          

Bennington 52, Sacred Heart 50 (Hillsboro)

SE of Saline 56, Beloit 42 (Russell)

Thursday, March 9                                                                                                         

SE of Saline vs. Perry Lecompton


Kansas Preps Weekly

The 2022-2023 high school sports season has come to an end for every team in Kansas’ NCAA league, except the Southeast of Saline boys basketball team, which will play this week in the Class 3A state tournament.

The NCAA girls teams had one team, Southeast of Saline, which played its way to the sub-state championship game, but the Lady Trojans lost to Phillipsburg. The NCAA boys, meanwhile, had three teams play to the sub-state championship game, Southeast of Saline, Sacred Heart and Beloit, but the Knight boys lost the championship game to Bennington. The Trojans defeated NCAA rival Beloit in that championship game to make it a 3-0 record against Beloit this season.

Here is a look at what each of the six NCAA schools’ respective teams did in the action in the past week :


The Trojan boys opened their play in the Russell sub-state tournament on Tuesday night with a 74-40 win over Hoisington. The Trojans followed that with a 50-33 victory over Norton in the semifinals before seeing its season come to an end Saturday after a 56-42 loss against Southeast of Saline. The Lady Trojans, meanwhile, also had its season ended by Southeast of Saline’s Lady Trojan basketball team as Beloit lost the battle of Trojan girls 52-41 on Monday night in the opening round of the Russell sub-state tournament.


Both Ellsworth boys and girls basketball teams saw their seasons come to an end in the first round of the Russell sub-state tournament. The Lady Bearcats lost their opening round game 47-36 against Norton while the Bearcat boys suffered a 42-36 defeat against Russell.


The Minneapolis Lion and Lady Lion basketball teams saw their seasons come to an end this past week in the first round of the Class 3A sub-state tournament at Marysville. The Lady Lions lost their opening round game against Hiawatha 45-35 on Monday night and the Lion boys dropped a 65-35 contest against Sabetha on Tuesday night.


The Republic County basketball teams saw their seasons come to an end after combining to post a 3-39 record. The Republic County girls saw their season end on Tuesday night when they lost 61-38 against Riverside in the first round of the Horton sub-state tournament while the Republic County boys had their season come to an end on Monday night when they lost 41-22 against Jefferson County North.


The Sacred Heart basketball teams saw their seasons come to an end this past week in the Hillsboro sub-state tournament. The Lady Knights opened sub-state play with a 51-38 victory over cross-county rival Ell-Saline in the opening round but lost Friday night 38-25 against Hillsboro in the semifinals of the sub-state tournament. The Knight boys, meanwhile, opened sub-state action with a 58-45 victory over Hillsboro on Monday night, followed with a 58-45 win over Chase County in the semifinals but lost 52-50 against Bennington in the sub-state championship game Saturday night.


Both Southeast of Saline basketball teams played their way into the Class 3A Russell sub-state championship round, but only the Trojan boys were able to win the sub-state championship game and keep their season alive. The Lady Trojans opened sub-state play on Monday with a 52-41 win over Beloit, propelling them into the semifinals where they scored a 48-34 victory over Hoisington. The put the Lady Trojans against Phillipsburg in the championship game where their wins ran out as they fell 51-33.