Man Arrested for Theft, Lewd Behavior

A Salina man who was taken into custody after witnesses complained he was running around naked at a local motel, is also in trouble for allegedly stealing a car.

Police say 31-year-old old Marcellius Garner was arrested in connection to a stolen bottle of alcohol, and a 2004 Ford Mustang. Authorities report a patron at Cave Diver’s liquor store, 1103 W Crawford, left his Mustang running in the parking lot. Garner allegedly jumped in and drove away.

Police Captain Jim Feldman, says Garner was in the store with the Mustang’s owner when Cave Diver’s employees said he had no money and was hoping someone would purchase alcohol for him.

Garner then picked up a Don Julio tequila bottle and walked out without paying and stole the car.

Later on Monday around 7pm, officers were dispatched to Ambassy motel after receiving reports of a man running around naked. Police suspected the man reported was Garner, who fit the descriptions from Cave Diver’s liquor store.

Garner resisted police to enter in his motel room and after giving consent, police identified the Don Julio’s bottle stolen from the liquor store. Garner confessed to stealing everything after Salina PD arrested him.

Authorities later located the stolen Mustang in the parking lot of the permanently closed, Maggie Mae’s restaurant and bar.

Garner is facing charges of misdemeanor theft, felony theft, lewd and lascivious behavior.