Naked Salina Man in Kwik Shop, Arrested

A naked Salina male was apprehended by police, at the Kwik Shop on 1727 W Crawford.

According to Police Captain James Feldman, the incident occurred at 5:00am June 25th, when a 42-year old Salina male, Joshua Renfro was caught naked in the convenient store. Three Kwik Shop employees were involved.

Renfro first attempted to enter the store naked, when a 60-year old male employee was refusing him to do so. Renfro then entered, when he shoved the 60-year old out of the way.

A 51-year old female employee came to help, when Renfro shoved her to the ground. The 51-year old suffered injuries to the left elbow and thigh. She was transported to Salina Regional for her injuries.

A 55-year old Kwik Shop employee was in the back of the store when he heard commotion and found Renfro with two sticks in each hand. The employee advised Renfro to leave, but was later struck several times in the head. The 55-year old employee suffered several cuts to the forehead and left eye.

After the employees subdued Renfro, officers arrived and captured him. Salina PD transported him to Salina Regional for possible influence of drugs

Renfro will be charged with 2 counts of aggravated battery, and 1 count of simple battery.