Mural a Catalyst for Conversations

The Kanvas Project is big and bold and now stretches above the Salina skyline.

Travis Young, CEO of Vortex grew up in Salina, lived abroad and returned to his hometown with an artful vision of a massive mural painted on a grain elevator.

Young said the timing finally came together on the heels of the Salina 2020 Project and renovations made in downtown. His team then identified the property in north Salina and pressed go.


Mural artist Guido van Helton began working on the project this past summer, by living in Salina, taking photos and observing the community. He settled on a picture taken by a group of children in Salina who were dancing in a circle while taking photos as they whirled about.

Young says the feedback has been positive around town – and an official unveiling will happen sometime late this year when the Australian artist can return for the event.



Young adds the Kanvas Project is aimed at inspiring onlookers, sparking conversations and providing a catalyst for the further growth of the community through the commission of world-class murals and street art in downtown Salina.